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Economy / Job Growth

In November 2014, the Pittsburgh region lost a total of 500 jobs. Between November 2013 and November 2014, Pittsburgh added 9,100 jobs -- a .8 percent increase. That percentage increase was the third-smallest among the 15 benchmark regions and trailed the benchmark average of 1.5 percent.

According to the preliminary numbers, information jobs declined by 3.8 percent, the second-largest decline among all benchmark regions; manufacturing jobs declined by 1.7 percent, the second-largest decline among all benchmark regions; and government jobs declined by 1.1 percent.

Sectors doing well include other services (up 3.7 percent and the largest increase among all benchmark regions), retail services (up 3.1 percent and the second-largest increase among benchmark regions) and leisure and hospitality (up 2.9 percent). To view particular sectors, please click on the sectors on the table at the right of this page.


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Bureau of Labor Statistics

MSA These figures are for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).

Job totals are in thousands.

Current month data are preliminary. All data are not seasonally adjusted figures.