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Key Indicators for Understanding Our Region

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A Cornucopia of Reasons to be Thankful Keeping International Graduates Sports Town Bragging Rights Stuck In Traffic A Different Lens on Diversity In a Pennant Race, the Local Economy is the Winner Going Long Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015 Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Greater Pittsburgh Workforce

A Cornucopia of Reasons to be Thankful

As southwestern Pennsylvanians, we have plenty to be thankful for on Thursday when we gather with family and friends over a meal and reflect on what makes life good. Here are a few reasons to appreciate the region in which we live that we might otherwise overlook.

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Keeping International Graduates

Getting legal permission to live and work in the United States can be a difficult and uncertain journey for many international graduates. The complex and frustrating process to be allowed to stay and work in this country is one of the biggest obstacles to retaining international graduates in a region where bolstering the thin foreign-born population is a priority for local government, businesses and economic development groups.

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Sports Town Bragging Rights

Go to any city with a professional baseball, football, basketball or hockey franchise and chances are you’ll find at least one guy in a bar who’ll argue his is the best sports town in America. It’s likely there’s even one in Charlotte after a Hornets victory and a few too many beers.

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Stuck In Traffic

Pittsburgh area motorists travel roads that are less congested than in most major metropolitan areas. While that may come as a surprise to anyone idling in front of the Squirrel Hill tunnel or crawling over the Fort Pitt Bridge, the differences are significant.

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A Different Lens on Diversity

In March, Pittsburgh Today reported that the region’s seven-county metropolitan statistical area has the lowest minority workforce participation of the 15 benchmark regions. Today, we’re taking a deeper look – examining the populations in the urban cores versus the broader regions and seeing how they compare in the percentages of Asian, Hispanic, African American and multi-racial residents.

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In a Pennant Race, the Local Economy is the Winner

The Pirates are embroiled in their third consecutive pennant race, and down the homestretch nobody is watching more intently than local businesses.

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Going Long

Employers ranging from local corporations to government are taking a cue from the sports industry's most celebrated hiring policy to diversify Pittsburgh's workforce. Find out how the NFL's 'Rooney Rule' is influencing the region.

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Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015

PittsburghTODAY is excited to announce the publication of Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015. In this annual report, we asses how Pittsburgh is doing compared with 14 other regions in 11 categories and examine key issues affecting Pittsburgh.

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Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Greater Pittsburgh Workforce

The southwestern Pennsylvania workforce is lacking in diversity by almost any measure. And the discrepancies seen in labor force participation, the type of jobs minority workers hold and the incomes they earn are issues with implications for the region’s economy, businesses and citizens.

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